domestic violence

Ashiana has over 20 years’ experience of providing refuge services for South Asian, Turkish and Iranian women. All the women we house have experienced domestic violence, sexual violence, forced marriage, honour based violence or other forms of violence. They often present with complex and multiple needs.

We provide temporary safe housing across three schemes and work intensively with women to improve safety and enable them to exit violent and abusive relationships or situations. During their stay at Ashiana, clients are offered culturally specific support, confidential advice and advocacy regarding their legal, financial, housing and personal situation.

We designate 4 bed-spaces for women with no recourse to public funds. Some of the more destitute and vulnerable women are those that have no recourse to public funds and our aim is to support them with their housing, welfare and resolving their immigration status.

Clients can stay at Ashiana for up to a maximum of two years and are supported in seeking alternative accommodation such as shared housing, private rented accommodation and social housing. Ashiana cannot guarantee access to move-on accommodation.