We provide training for professionals in the statutory and voluntary sector aimed at raising awareness about gender based violence and more specifically forced marriage and honour based violence. We are a designated training provider to deliver forced marriage training for the local safeguarding children’s board.

Educating professionals on these specific issues will enable them to be better informed and equipped to make appropriate interventions. We will educate on other significant factors that exacerbate both the community and individual’s experiences such as institutional racism, unemployment, poverty and education.

In recent evaluations carried out 91% of the participants stated that the workshops had improved their understanding of domestic violence.

Feedback from a school

“Schools don’t really engage with [the VAWG sector] until it affects somebody within their midst. I would suggest that so many young women are victims, but they don’t say anything, because in many cases they don’t know that it’s wrong…and staff are often unaware of what students may experience beyond the school gate” (Head of sixth form).